ATT PRO, Inc. falls under the TRIALINK group of companies.
ATT PRO, Inc. is an official distributor of Motorola within the territory of Turkmenistan.
ATT PRO has several offices – in Moscow, New York and Ashgabat.
Our representative in Ashgabat is - Private Enterprise “Hasabat”.
All engineers’ staff of Hasabat has come through special technical courses of Motorola and other vendors.

The company is focused on packaged supplies and start-ups of the multiservice networks on the ready-to-operate basis for government and enterprise establishments.
ATT PRO, Inc. has gained huge experience in setting up phone-, computer- and radio- SCADA-networks.
ATT PRO, Inc. is an authorized partner of such companies as Motorola Solutions, Cambium Networks, Ceragon Networks , Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco Systems, Inc., Iskratel, Eltek Valere AS and others.
ATT PRO, Inc. has been working in Turkmenistan oil & gas sector for more than 15 years.
Our case contains the projects done for the State Concern “Turkmengas”, “Dragon Oil”, “MRK-Engineering”, “StroyTransGas”, “Turkmengeologia” and so on.
ATT PRO, Inc. has an authorized by the vendors technical center in Ashgabat, which has the state license for all kinds of work in telecommunication systems.

ATT PRO, Inc. was the first company in Turkmenistan that had accomplished a few TETRA projects by means of Motorola Dimetra IP for the State Concern “Turkmengas” and at the moment goes on with its current projects.

  1. DIPC system with 9 Base stations – for “Zeakly – Yylanly” gas pipeline. We delivered this DIPC system under the contracts with MRK-Engineering;
  2. DIPC system with 7 Base stations – for “Malay – Bagtyyarlyk” gas pipeline. We delivered this DIPC system under the contracts with StroyTransGas;
  3. DIPC system with 5 Base stations – for “South Yolotan Gas Field” gas pipeline. We delivered this DIPC system under the contracts with Beijing Satellite (BJS).

There is a problem with frequency assignment in Turkmenistan.

ATT PRO has the experience of getting frequencies for Motorola DIPC systems in Turkmenistan.
Ministry of Telecommunication of Turkmenistan has assigned non-standard frequencies for these DIPC systems: 398, XXX – 408, XXX MHz.

Motorola Company together with ATT PRO, Inc. has performed the release of the DIPC infrastructure for these non-standard frequencies; so, the problems with frequencies assignment has been solved.

All DIPC systems, which are delivered to Turkmenistan, should be supplied with a special system of police control (PCS).  Police control systems are needed not only for getting frequencies but also for successful final delivery to Turkmengas.

We have the experience of delivery of special police control systems to Turkmenistan. These three DIPC systems has been delivered with special systems of police control.

ATT PRO also does deliver the equipment agreed by Turkmengas:

  1. Iskratel Telephone Stations (PABX);
  2. Power supply and batteries;
  3. Microwave links NERA/CERAGON, Cambium Networks;
  4. Antennas, feeders, connectors, accessories, etc.
  5. STM  and IP transport infrastructure;
  6. SCADA infrastructure;
  7. Professional Mobile Radios (PMR) and Wireless Broadband (WBB)

Private Enterprise “Hasabat” has all the appropriate licenses for performing all types of
Installations and start-up jobs within the territory of Turkmenistan.